Ghostly Raver

I need alcohol or a serious pick-me-up, because damn my mood is in the garbage.

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Westboro is coming to my city way up in Alaska to protest against our Alaskan culture? The culture that Alaska natives have taken part in since BEFORE they were even an organized church, before the founders even came up with the concept of their beloved house of “God”? Oh. I might be there.

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succulents by ulanalee on Flickr.
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It makes me jealous that my dads best friend looks better in a dress and heels than I do.
And that’s saging something considering he’s a middle aged, retired military, mechanic, man with a beer gut.

Like fuck. How do you do it.
I’m female and can’t look pretty if I try.
You’re as redneck and buff as you can get and here you are looking drop dead gorgeous in a little longer than knee length dress and high boots with four inch spikes.

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my laptop is hotter than my sex life.

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"I hope I remind you of the ocean, the way I will dance towards you but never let you close enough for you to feel the waves beneath your skin."A girl aka me. (via kawaiicvnt)

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